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Avoiding 60% tax

You effectively pay tax at 60% on income over £100,000 because you pay tax at 40%, plus you start to lose your personal allowance, which also increases your tax.

Take time and celebrate small successes

In the construction industry, it’s traditional to have a “topping-out” ceremony to celebrate the progress when the last beam is in placed on a building, In the same way, as a business owner you can celebrate progress on building your business.

Most common measurements

A business owner or manager needs information to manage a business – this information is reported in numbers. These are the most common measurements.

Be careful with goals

Setting goals is common business advice. Hundreds of studies have demonstrated that setting goals can improve results.

Xero advice on invoicing

Xero accounting software have analysed over 12 million invoices and asked 1,500 small businesses for their tips and tricks how to get paid on time.

New Dividend Tax

This month’s budget contained a bit of a shock, a new way of taxing dividends.

Jail for evading tax

Earlier this year a 56-year-old woman was sent to jail for two years because she lied to the tax office about an inheritance.

Xero development

Sackmans believe Xero is the best accounting system in the market.