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Being persuasive

Being persuasive is a key asset because as a business owner you will want people to do things for you.

New powers for the taxman

In this year’s budget the tax office is seeking powers to take money you owe direct from your bank account.

What is in a name?

Most business owners are aware of “branding” as it applies to the business name but many service based businesses do not appreciate how important it is to name services.

How much is fraud costing you?

A recent Portsmouth University study indicates that the National Health Service in the UK is losing a staggering £5bn to fraud each year – approximately 7% of healthcare budget. Could your business be losing money today because of fraud?

LivePlan review

I recently had a look at LivePlan the business planning tool because it now links to Xero accounting. This means you can create financial forecasts in LivePlan and it will pull data from Xero so you can compare results to budget.

Pension changes

Most budget changes are small tweaks to the system and not worth writing about. However, the changes to the pension rules are different.