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Mini One Stop Shop

Over recent years there has been lots of VAT lost from digital services supplied to non-businesses because companies set-up and operated from low or no VAT rate countries.

Xero update

Here is a quick summary of recent improvements to Xero Accounting Software.

Mindset for money

The most fundamental element of radical retirement planning is your mindset.

Food strategy

According to research by the Skipton Building Society the typical UK family now spends £5,077 on food a year, £423 a month.

Car strategy

A radical retirement plan needs to be underpinned with strategies on all forms of expenditure. This articles looks at cars.

Cost of the commute

On the topic of radical retirement planning, we should consider the costs of cars and travelling.

Emergency debt

If you want to save 50% or more of your after tax income you cannot afford to have any payments on debt other than your mortgage. This includes student loans, credit cards and car loans – they all need to go.

Radical retirement planning

As part of my research into lifestyle money management I am being challenged on my own preconceptions what is possible. I hope the articles I write challenge you.

A gift to yourself

I continue my research into effectiveness personal money management and as with business development it all starts with personal development.

Smart spending

There is a lot of advice available on making, saving and investing money but little on how to spend money.