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Responsive Websites

If you haven’t already done so then 2014 could be time to start thinking about making sure your Website is mobile friendly.

Claiming private expenses

This post explores a common issue of claiming private expenses when you operate as a limited company and work from home.

Business Reviews

This post gives some idea on what a business owner could be exploring, discussing and reviewing each month with their accountant or business coach.

Beyond the headline

Following on from the last few posts I thought it would be useful to share some more thoughts on effective copywriting.

More about headlines

Headlines are so important that I thought it useful to elaborate on the previous post.

The magic forumla

A key element of Direct Response Marketing is good copy writing and there are many great books on this subject but I’d thought I’d share some thoughts.

How much should you be paying your accountant

There are different types of accountants, some are unqualified working from a bedroom while others are based in expensive offices. Consequently prices vary, but so does the value.

Finding your drivers

The theory (or thinking behind your business) is the most important thing in your business; it drives everything and it’s what we should be focussed on and measuring.