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Employees core needs

In 2014 the Harvard Business Review researched more than 12,000 (mostly white-collar) employees to find out what style of management increased productivity.

Big goals, small wins

It’s good to be ambitious in business and think big. Aim to offer at least 10 times more than the status quo because in today’s world you need to be remarkable to stand a chance.

What happens if?

It is so easy for us all to be caught up living for today and hoping tomorrow will take care of its self.

Mini One Stop Shop

Over recent years there has been lots of VAT lost from digital services supplied to non-businesses because companies set-up and operated from low or no VAT rate countries.

Xero update

Here is a quick summary of recent improvements to Xero Accounting Software.

Mindset for money

The most fundamental element of radical retirement planning is your mindset.

Food strategy

According to research by the Skipton Building Society the typical UK family now spends £5,077 on food a year, £423 a month.