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Business Culture – Part 4

If you have a business with employees I strongly recommend engaging them in the process of developing your culture.

This is a good opportunity to review if your employees fit in your business. But, keep in mind that they will probably come up with things that you don’t see and can use.

Once you have developed/documented your culture you need to make sure your business lives by these values. This is best done with support and nurture, however, it should be clear that not living the values after support and culture is unacceptable.

It goes without saying that most importantly you as the leader of the business must be true to the culture. This should not be a problem because you determined the values. Having said that, the values in your culture could be what you “aspire” to be, not what you are.

Think about recognising when your people live the values. There are many ways you can do this including a post on your Website and/or inclusion in your company’s newsletter. You could make a donation to charity in their name and/or perhaps most of all, give them a face-to-face heart-felt thank you.

Think about promotions, pay practices and performance related pay and reward people for living the values. Not necessarily as a bonus but to hit the basic salary – turning up on time and putting the hours in should not be basis of an employees agreement. However, perhaps the most importantly thing is to review your recruitment and training processes.

It is important you develop your own values but here are a few words to get you thinking:

Abundance Acceptance Accessibility Accountability
Accuracy Adaptability Adventure Affection
Agility Ambition Appreciation Approachability
Attentiveness Availability Balance Beauty
Boldness Bravery Calmness Care
Challenge Charity Cheerfulness Compassion
Connection Conservation Control Coolness
Cooperation Courage Courtesy Creativity
Credibility Daring Decisiveness Delight
Dependability Depth Desire Determination
Devotion Diligence Discovery Drive
Ease Economy Education Effectiveness
Efficiency Elegance Encouragement Energy
Enthusiasm Environmentalist Ethics Excellence
Excitement Expertise Fairness Family
Flexibility Focus Frankness Friendliness
Fun Generosity Giving Gratitude
Growth Guidance Happiness Health
Helpfulness Honesty Honour Humour
Imagination Impartiality Individuality Insightfulness
Inspiration Integrity Intellect Intimacy
Joy Justice Kindness Knowledge
Leadership Learning Lightness Logic
Love Loyalty Maturity Meaning
Meticulousness Motivation Neatness Openness
Optimism Originality Partnership Patience
Passion Persistence Pragmatism Precision
Presence Pride Privacy Proactivity
Professionalism Prudence Punctuality Rational
Realism Reason Respect Responsibility
Satisfaction Security Selflessness Self-respect
Service Significance Simplicity Solidarity
Speed Stability Support Sympathy
Synergy Teaching Teamwork Thankfulness
Thoroughness Thrift Tidiness Timeliness
Trust Truth Understanding Unity
Usefulness Variety Vision Warmth
Wealth Willingness Youthfulness Zany