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The power of being unique

I love Alan Sugar’s quote “I’ve written books on marketing, cheque books” – most business owners have sympathy because they know most of what they spend on marketing is a waste.

In my research in the development of my On-Track service I felt it was important to have an answer for this. What I discovered is that the truth is that (regardless about what advertising people say) there is no point spending any money on marketing until you worked out your uniqueness.

This is about out-smarting the competition. In fact, it’s  about not competing with the competition!

We live in an over communicated society and as a result our brain filters out and ignores 99.9% of communication. It ignores what is already there and only let’s in something new. This is a major problem for businesses looking to win new business because unless you offer something new your marketing will be ignored.

The key here is is to make sure you are different. Ignore being better for the moment. If you are different then the brain makes room for you and you have a chance to explain how you are better.

My guess is that are probably 50 accountants around me, maybe more. So, in theory if a new business sets up I have a 1 in 50 chance of winning them. I am not a betting man but I don’t like those odds. Would you bet your business on a 1:50 long-shot?

So, what I have done is position myself as an Alternative Accountant. In doing so I have greatly improved my chances of winning that new business from 50:1 to 2:1.

Think about it, it’s an Alternative Accountant or one of the other 49!

It’s important to understand that your uniqueness is not a gimmick. it needs to be in your DNA. An Alternative Accountant actually does things differently. Not only do we offer fixed fees with guarantees our focus is VERY different from a traditional accountant. They spend their time doing accounts and tax returns, I am focussed on helping my clients gain financial independence.

So, how can you discover your uniqueness so you can position yourself as different?

Well, here is a system you can use.

First, create three lists. One is your list of your businesses features and benefits. If you were a Yoga teacher it could be things like clean mats, warm changing rooms and good parking.

Next, do a list of what customers say. This could include same sex classes, friendly qualified teacher and small class sizes.

The third list is where you have the opportunity to be creative. Make up what you think the best Yoga class would be. This could be a feeling of calm afterwards or no aches and pains afterwards.

From the lists choose a short-list of 15 words/phrases. From these choose the final three. And, then finally, choose your “one”. This is the basis of your uniqueness.

Your “one” needs to be an adjective. Mine is Alternative, the Yoga teacher is Painless. So, I do everything I can to be Alternative and the Yoga teacher does everything they can to ensure the classes are pain free. This could be a one-to-one assessment before the first class and a unique warm up system.

Your “one” needs to become your DNA. It becomes everything you are. For example, Volvo build “safe” cars and they have innovated around that. Have a look at what Volvo have done over the years.

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