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Beyond the headline

Following on from the last few posts I thought it would be useful to share some more thoughts on effective copywriting.

On the basis we have a great headline, we know that the first sentence of our marketing piece will be read.  So, the next challenge is to craft the first sentence or paragraph and draw the reader in.

The key here is to write about something the reader is already thinking about. This will enable you to meet your client on their level and then move them into your world.

The chances are your prospects are not thinking about you, what you can do or how good you are. They are probably think about their problems.

In the example of me marketing Sackmans to start-up businesses, I think it is highly likely most start-ups are most concerned about where sales are going to come from. But, this is a superficial fear, what they are really worried about is losing their house and going bankrupt.

If a new business is not worried about sales they are unlikely to be motivated enough to pay me to help them with their strategy, planning and reporting.

I prefer to start by focussing on a problem because people are more motivated to avoid pain that experience pleasure.

So, after the headline I would start with…

Do you know the 7 hidden traps that kill 98% of start-up?

I’ll get straight to the point….

The harsh reality is that by starting a business you’ve walked into a new game where you risk losing everything; your savings, house and even being made bankrupt. With that in mind doesn’t it make sense to check that you are not walking into the same traps others have stumbled into?

It may surprise you but the number one reason why most start-up businesses fail has nothing to do with sales, marketing, cashflow or the economy; it’s all about the mindset of the business owner.

So, here is the number 1 mindset shift you need to make now to dramatically reduce your risk.

Now, imagine you are a start-up business worried about making sales and paying the bills. Would you read on?