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Preventing digital crime

It wasn’t that long ago that a business owner could themselves from crime with good locks, an alarm and security cameras.

8 last minute tax tips

Here are 10 ways to pay less tax which you can take action on in the few days before 5th April.

Are you lacking digital skills?

2014 saw the 25th anniversary Tim Berners Lee’s World Wide Web, and with 2.4 billion users across the globe, it is still growing every day.

Can you trust your bookkeeper?

I came across a story of an estate agency that nearly went bust after having almost £2m stolen by the bookkeeper over a period of five years.

The end of the tax system

The recent budget announcement that the annual tax return would be phased out by 2020 is potentially the biggest ever change in the tax system.

Employees core needs

In 2014 the Harvard Business Review researched more than 12,000 (mostly white-collar) employees to find out what style of management increased productivity.