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Business Culture – Part 2

As Accountants North London, working with small businesses I know many people think ideas like Business Values and Mission Statements are only for big business and question their real value.

Do concepts like vision, values and beliefs really make a difference, especially in small businesses? Well, I see many business (especially big ones) where they clearly don’t make a difference. But, (in my opinion) that is nothing to do with the power of values and beliefs, it is more to do with the way that business has developed them and uses them.

It’s like anything in business….take a Website for example. Some businesses get huge value from their Website, other don’t. It’s not that Websites are bad or good….what matters is how a business uses its Website.

It’s the same for your business’ culture. The key reason why Business Values don’t work is because not enough energy, emotion and passion have gone into developing them.

If you just quickly write a few common and generic value like “we are professional” then don’t be surprised if your business’ culture doesn’t help you. What we are looking for here is deep emotional connection.

To highlight this let me share with you some of our culture at Sackmans. Here is the introduction o the culture section from our brand guidelines:

The culture of Sackmans is of vital importance because it helps us deliver our best work. 

Our culture is determined by the way we behave.  However, more fundamental is our beliefs and attitudes because these determine how we behave. Managing the culture of our brand is as simple as being conscious of and controlling the way we think and then behave. That is, the way we talk to ourselves, the way we perform our work and how we treat people.

Here is an example of how the Sackmans culture impacts me and my business.

It is not enough for me to be a good accountant…I need to believe my “work matters”. I want relationships that truly enhance my client’s lives.

This belief is central to my marketing. When a business owner chooses to work with Sackmans they are deciding and choosing a better life, not just a better accountant.

This belief/value gives me an immense about of energy and determination. My business is not just about making some money, I have a purpose. My work every day has meaning.

Can you see how this also moves the focus away from my price? and goes along way towards building a remarkable brand?

Remember, to be successful with marketing in today’s highly competitive world we all need to strive towards being remarkable.

Perhaps developing your culture will help you demonstrate how remarkable you are.