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Mindset 4 – Customers don’t care

This may not be what we want to hear but customers don’t care about us, our brand, what we know and what we can do. They just want their problems solved. And, they want them sorted quickly, with minimal hassle and cost to them.

As the saying goes, customers are listening to Radio WI FM.

  • The WI stands for “What’s In it”.
  • FM stands for “For Me?”


Yes, clients are selfish. They are looking at the world from their perspective, scanning for what they want and ignoring everything else.

They have a ME filter, so if we are talking about our brand, our company and what we do they will just ignore us. There will literally be no connection. That’s why most marketing doesn’t work and why most businesses don’t survive, let alone flourish.

One of the insights we get from this mindset is the understanding that we (and what we do) is literally in the way of our customers. We are literally in between the customer’s current situation and the outcome they want.

For example, I know people don’t want an accountant. They don’t care about Sackmans and the last thing they really want to hear is how much tax they owe, even if I have managed to keep it to a minimum with some tax planning. What they want is better cashflow, less stress, no debts, a better car and more free time to do the things they enjoy.

So, instead of talking about ourselves and our solutions, we need to join our potential customer with a conversation they are already having in their minds. Go into their reality and explore that with them, before inviting them into our world.

So, what are your potential customers talking to themselves about?

Well, I’d suggest they are talking to themselves about their problems. People are twice as motivated by getting out of a negative situation than having a positive outcome.

The chances are our prospects have some form of fear, anxiety, pain or frustration and if we can connect at this level we will do better than jumping in too high with all the positive things we can do.

Once we have connected on the negative and given them help them solve a problem, we can develop the relationship because we have helped the customer get a positive result.

It will also help us to keep in mind that we need to meet customers where they are mentally.