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Direct access to Barristers

Many small business owners are not aware that the law changed in 2004 to allow them direct access to a Barrister.

The benefits of using a Barrister include getting specialist advice before significant legal fees are incurred. Barristers have a deep understanding of the law and the rules of the courts, from frequent appearances in courts. They are experts at legal strategy and dispute resolution, whether in a court or mediation setting.

You can also use a Barrister as a second opinion (to check you are getting best advice) and/or as part of your negotiation.

Not all Barristers are qualified and able to give direct access. However, there a several thousand qualified for direct access and the Bar Council operates a Website where you can find a specialist in the field you need and who is local

The majority of Barristers are self-employed and share the cost of premises, which are called Chambers. This means costs are affordable and allow expert advice on topics such as:

  • Employment disputes
  • Copyright and trade mark
  • Business leases
  • Debt recovery


If costs are an issue it can be possible to arrange finance for legal costs