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Mindset 1 – Employee to entrepreneur

One of the things I do in On-Track is introduce business owners to mindsets. Moving from employee to entrepreneur is a massive mindset shift in the way we see and think about time and value.

Most people who go into business have previously had a job experience. This is really a reactive mindset whereas business success is about proactive.

Employees have an unconscious program – it goes like this, I show up and get paid. If I work longer than expected I get paid overtime.

This is ingrained every month with a pay cheque. The trouble with this is that an entitlement mentality can develop and when we go into business there can be a massive shock.

When we go into business we need to earn the right to be successful, no one is entitled to anything.

What you will notice about employees who have an entitlement mentality is that they don’t actually rise too far or achieve very much. The same with business owners that think in the same way.

An entrepreneur thinks about results and value. They want to solve problems and improve things, rather than just putting in time and effort.

It’s going to be useful to start thinking this way. Not just with client work but with marketing.

Most people who launch a business know they can do the work, just put some basic marketing in place and expect to make sales.

They expect people to turn up because they showed up, like the employee clocking on.

Then they are surprised when no one buys anything. They start asking themselves if the Website is OK.

The truth is the Website is fine, it’s the attitude that is the problem. It’s not enough to do what everyone else is doing and just put in some time.

As Accountants in North London we challenge businesses to adopt new mindsets and perspectives. I hope this post helps you.