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Fit for business

We all know there is a link between the mind and body. And, when we are fit we are more productive.

So, here is a list of expenses you can claim against your businesses profits for tax:

  • Medical and eye check-ups
  • Private medical cover
  • £500 rehabilitation treatment
  • Cost of a bike
  • Gym membership
  • Sports facility
  • Heathy lunches
  • Wellbeing programmes


Private medical cover, gym membership and wellbeing programmes create a taxable benefit for employees. But, the employer could negotiate discounted prices.

The cost of a bike can be claimed under the Cycle-to-work scheme. And, the lunches are completely tax free if you have a canteen where all employees can have free or subsidised lunches.

Another way to encourage better health (with a tax break) is to get involved in charity events, like fun runs and bike rides. If the business provides some form of advertising with sponsorship everything (including overnight stays and food) would be tax deductible and there are no benefits in kind.

Promoting the event would be providing branded clothing, featuring the event on the business’ Website, articles in the newsletter and issuing a Press Release.