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Free software from Sackmans

I am delighted to tell you that from next month I am able to offer free financial planning software.

Here is some background why I am doing this.

A survey of 1,600 people revealed that less than a third of 40-70 year-olds have taken advice about the upcoming pension reforms. And, only 16% of these have taken advice from an independent adviser. This means, 95% of people have NOT taken professional independent advice about one of the crucial issues of their life.

This is worrying because Age Concern are worried that Pensioners could run out of money by age 75 if they choose to withdraw cash from their pension savings and use income draw down, rather than buy an annuity.

At Sackmans we work to help people achieve financial freedom. The first step is calculating what that means so from next month we are able to offer all clients free access to E-life Planner. This is a lifetime cashflow calculator designed especially for business owners and includes the valuation of your business.

When you know how much money you need for the rest of your life you can figure out how much you need to sell the business for, what profits you need to make and retain as well as can slow down and stop work knowing you won’t run out of money.

If you are interested in using the Life Planner let me know.