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Mindset 2 – From doer to driver

An interesting mindset to consider is what I call Doer to Driver which comes from our On-Track service.

Some people drive projects, but most people are doers. They see themselves taking the steps to get the thing done. But, as a business owner it is important you do not to get caught in the detail.

Question how you approach tasks and to get this mindset working for you. Stop focussing on the task and think start focussing on the result.

For example, if you think about writing a 20-page report to give away in your marketing then the “doer” in you will be focussed on writing. If you think like this then you may get bogged down and not complete anything, you may never even start.

But, if you are a “driver”, you start to think differently because you are focussed on the result.

For example, you could write 10 questions down and get a friend to come and interview you and record the discussion for transcription.

You can get transcription services overseas for £10 for an hour of audio. If you speak at 150 words a minute this would give you 9,000 words, enough for your report.

There are many ways to get things done. It is not just about working hard but working smart. We need to be efficient and effective. Do not confuse action with productivity.

Look out for smarter ways to do things. If we overload ourselves with actions you will not have the time to do the really important stuff.