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How much is knowledge worth?

We all know that education pays but business education pays much bigger.

Want to raise your income 68%? A degree will do that according to research from the Office for National Statistics. That is worth over £500,000 over your working life.

But, it may surprise you to learn that you a professional degree will raise your income by over 250%? This is a degree that’s focused on a profession like a doctor or lawyer.

The study reported on different estimated lifetime incomes of various education levels. They projected that someone with only a high school diploma will earn about £750,000 over their entire careers. A degree ups that lifetime income to about a £1 million but someone with a professional degree a whapping estimated £2.7 million.

  • Education pays
  • Business education pays much bigger


But, how much business education did you get?

Is it such a mystery that so many business owners don’t get out of their business what they want. The majority end up bust within the first five years and those that survive never really grow; 96% of UK businesses employ less than five people.

The bottom line is that your level of education about business predicts your level of success with business. So, if you want to be out of control with money and wealth then stay uneducated about business.

If you want money, wealth and financial independence then get business education. Education pays. Business education pays much bigger.

So what is a business education and where can you get it? And, most importantly where can you get education that you don’t need to invest years and years and hundreds of thousands of pounds in but they can still make a big difference in bottom line in your business and life?

Well, you could do what I’ve done; spend years becoming a qualified accountant then learning from other accountants and clients, reading and studying books about things like strategic  planning, pricing and management and all other areas of business and attending all kinds of seminars and trainings on these topics.

But, I think I have a much better idea for you. And, that idea is to sign up for my newsletter and I’ll send you articles and videos.

Over the weeks and months this will be an in-depth education about business; how to change your thinking, perspectives, skills and behaviors so that you enjoy success in terms of higher profits, healthier cashflow and enhanced capital value.

Here is an example of a video about how to approach marketing click here.