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How to be happier

As we have seen from previous posts, being happy is important and there are a number of things you can do to improve your mood.

These idea are taken from The Hapiness Advantage:

Some overriding principles:

• Pursuing meaningful goals
• Scan the world for opportunities
• Cultivate an optimistic and grateful mindset
• Hold on to rich social relationships

Things you can do for yourself:

• Consciously think of things that make you happy
• Take time for positive visualisations
• Listening to your favourite songs
• Talk regularly to friends
• Spend five-minutes a day meditating
• Have something to look forward to
• Commit to conscious acts of kindness
• Have pictures of loved ones on the desk
• Taking time to go outside in good weather
• Watch less TV, especially negative shows
• Do regular exercise
• Spending money on experiences rather than goods – compare at the end of the month
• Spend some money on other people
• Weekly self-review of what went well
• Write down three positive things in a daily diary
• Make sure yourself talk is positive – words and tone

Things you can do for your team:

• Allow pets at work
• In-house massage parlour
• Football table at work
• Small gift of chocolates (with no need to eat them)
• Circulating funny articles and YouTube videos
• Frequent recognition and encouragement (pat on the back, an email or put an Excellent Elephant on a desk)
• Talk about someone in front of everyone
• Voice tone when speaking to someone

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