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Lifestyle Financial Planning – budgeting

Finding out about you and producing a cashflow forecast is great but all good plans need to be monitored.

One way of doing this is to use Xero cashbook on your personal money. You can set budgets on personal expenditure and track actual spending. This will make you more money conscious by helping to keep your important personal goals in mind on a day-to day basis.

The software includes bank feeds which pull information in from your bank and credit cards. This eliminates data entry and the “rules” feature makes allocating transactions even faster. After two or three months you will just by clicking the OK button in Xero to confirm transactions.

We can review your budgets every month, quarter or just once or twice a year, depending on what you feel you need.

Having a review helps holds you accountable and enables you to refine and develop your budget which can then feed back to the life plan.

The idea is that you will create an enjoyable and sustainable life where you maximise your happiness by focussing on what is most important to you.