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Lifestyle Financial Planning – cashflow

Once we know what’s important to you we can move on and start to explore if your financial arrangements support your goals.

We do this by creating a cashflow forecast for your future, based on your current expenditure patterns. Without this we are you are just guessing and cannot be 100% confident that your planning is the best it could be.

The cashflow runs from today until your expected date of death and includes exceptional items such as:

  • Tax free lump sum from your pension
  • Downsizing your home
  • Expected inheritances
  • Gifts you plan to make
  • Expensive holiday’s holiday homes and boats


The cashflow forecast is very visual because it includes a graphical representation. This allows you to:

  • Understand how different investment returns and inflation will affect your goals
  • Have peace of mind that the financial decisions you make are the right ones
  • See how things would change if your business increased its profits by 10% a year
  • Look at the impact of downsizing and/or doing equity release
  • Understand what would happen if you were able to change your spending habits
  • See what would happen if you overpaid on your mortgage
  • Work out what would happen if you lived an extra 10 years


Ask yourself “would it be helpful to see what is about to happen in your future?”

For some this is scary because they feel they are looking into a black hole. But, this is an opportunity to be honest and (for some) to become financially mature.

Sometimes, to achieve your dreams you need to wake up…the cashflow forecast is the alarm clock!

Are you ready to wake up?