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Lifestyle financial planning – you

The first part of lifestyle financial planning is finding out about you.

Interestingly, this sometimes means you finding out about yourself. How often do you get the chance to really think about what’s important to you on a personal level?

Most of us live a fairly hectic pace and rarely get 5-minutes to stop and think.

One of the ideas you can use to help you think is called the circle of life. But, with lifestyle financial planning we also recommend you think about (and question) your daily, weekly, monthly and annual expenditure.

Doing this helps us dig deep and find out what is really important to you.

For those of us who are lucky enough to have young children we often want to help them get through higher education and/or get on the housing ladder?

Other questions and topics that can arise are “when can I afford to slow down and work when I want to?” And, “what do I need to do to make sure I never run out of money?”

When you have all your financial and non-financial priorities sorted and organised you can start to think about and question your current expenditure.

Do you need to use the car for all the trips?

Can you waste less food?

How important Costa Coffee and other small luxuries are compared to achieving your dreams?

You can also think about your life choices. Could you get more enjoyment from simple pleasures than convenience spending? Maybe you consider cooking for friends and family at your house rather than going out for dinner.

Does your current expenditure give you true happiness and well being? Or, are you like many people spending on auto-pilot, literally programmed by the TV?

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