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LivePlan review

I look for systems to help me deliver On Track as cost effectively as possible.

I recently had a look at LivePlan the business planning tool because it now links to Xero accounting. This means you can create financial forecasts in LivePlan and it will pull data from Xero so you can compare results to budget.

LivePlan has a section to include milestones. You can use this to break down your business development into baby steps. And, we can help hold you accountable.

You can use LivePlan to raise finance my publishing and online one-page pitch and sending this to potential lenders/investors.

This level of financial management is normally only available to larger business, however, Xero enables a start-up and small businesses to be highly effective with financial management.

Most people think business planning is something you do once at the beginning of a business, however, this should be something you do every month or at least every quarter.

Maybe you should have a full strategic review once every three years where you go away for a day or two and think. But, every month you should be working ON the business thinking about things like product development, pricing, customer experience, your Website, recruitment, people performance, profitability and liquidity.

LivePlan is a easy to use system that enables you to record your thoughts and share them online. Although it is easy to use it is comprehensive. Before you get the financial section  you need to consider up to 38 questions including:

  • Competitors
  • Technology
  • Intellectual property
  • Product/service development
  • Market trends
  • Key customers
  • Pricing
  • Marketing activities
  • Sales channels
  • Your exit strategy


If you have not reviewed your strategy or you don’t have a plan for the next 12 months then I recommend you consider using LivePlan. We can assist you setting up and provide support putting the financials together.

I am happy to fix up an On Track review