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Recruiting remarkable people – part 1

I believe the best football manager’s create and nurture a culture at their club and then bring in great players that fit the culture. You can approach your business in the same way because selecting the right people to represent your brand is one of the most important decisions you will make.

Culture is a key part of your brand. If you are in touch with who and what you are as a brand then it’s much easier to recruit the right people. The best footballers want to play for the best teams…you want to be top of your league so you attract the best employees and build a winning team.

Business owners who have not explored their brand in depth may need to do some work so they can describe their culture clearer. But, when you have this, you will find it much easier to take on the right people.

It is so important to have the right people because they become your brand promoters to the world.

If you really want to touch your customers with a remarkable experience then you must have a remarkable culture. This is where your people feel the same feeling you want your customers to receive.

So, if you want your customers to feel that your employees truly care, then your employees must feel you really care about them. Like most things, the business owners must go first and lead the way.

If you want your employees to come up with new ways to “wow” your customers, they need to feel inspired, aligned and engaged with your company. Your people need to buy your brand before customers will.

So, the basis of your recruiting process must be your brand, the values, vision and commitments you want the market to experience.

If you don’t have these clear and written down I recommend you do some time and think.

Don’t make the same mistake as many other businesses by taking more time researching a new computer system or choosing a software program than in hiring new employees.

Spend the time to identify your core values, then create and follow a systematic approach to recruiting.

Remember, your business depends upon innovation and you want and need your people to be your innovators. If you have to think of everything it’s hard work and you then need to sell it to everyone. Much better for your employees to be the innovators in your business.