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Recruiting remarkable people – part 2

It can be useful to look at recruitment in the same way as marketing.

You have a product (a job at your company) and you need leads (applications). You only want applications from the best candidates which is why you need to think how and where to advertise.

Here are five questions that can help:

Question 1 – what am I offering?

Think in terms of the brand and the culture as well as the specific position. And, think about non-financial benefits.

 Question 2 – who is my ideal applicant?

What does the person look like? What experience have they had? What skills do they need? Better to have a few ideal candidates than too many enquiries because you may miss the right person.

 Question 3 – where are my potential employees?

Where will you find people who fit the ideal profile? Consider direct marketing, like a head-hunter because the best people will already be in a job. But, also consider Social Media and getting people to come to you.

 Question 4 – what will attract prospects to make an enquiry?

What messages will they respond to? What is important to them? Consider creating a YouTube video.

 Question 5 – how can I reach out and make contact?

What channels can I use to make contact. Perhaps LinkedIn or a trade magazine?

These questions are similar to marketing questions because they get you to think externally as well as internally.

And, like marketing it is often best to be patient. If you rush you are more likely to make expensive mistakes. Make sure you challenge yourself – ask yourself if you could eliminate the work with a system, outsource the work or collaborate with a strategic partner.