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The services fall into three categories:

Core services
There are the core services:

  • IGNITION  is a service is designed for start-up businesses and is based on our 123 checklist.
  • ASSURE takes care of annual accounts, tax returns, PAYE and bookkeeping. As well as the basics and management of deadlines we can also provide tax forecasting so you can budget for your tax bills
  • SNAPSHOT is our management accounting service. This is where we can prepare management accounts for you from your bookkeeping or work with you with training, coaching and checking the management accounts you produce yourself.
  • OnTrack which is where we have meetings to discuss the wider business. These can be monthly, quarterly or every six months.


Strategic services
The two strategic services are:

  • DESTINY which is where we build a wealth plan for the business owner. This is designed to ensure the owner makes the right decisions for them in terms of wealth distribution, lifestyle planning and exit strategy.
  • PATHWAY is about creating a strategic plan for the business which fits the business owner’s wealth plan.


One-off services
There a range of services:

  • CASHBUILDER is a one-off consultation which increases a business’ cashflow
  • COMPARE is a benchmarking service which helps you get insights on how to improve your business
  • FINANCIAL SYSTEMS AUDIT is where your financial systems are assessed and ways to save you time and improve your control are suggested.
  • GOING LIMITED is a tax planning process for the transfer of a business into a Limited Company.
  • ONBOARD is where we support you using a new financial system.
  • VALUE is a business valuation service.