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Assure is an essential service designed to keep your tax bill down and business fully compliant with your legal responsibilities.

Following a review of your bookkeeping records we agree a schedule of works to complete and submit your year-end accounts and tax return. The process includes a pre year-end tax planning review, preparation of detailed working papers and draft accounts for your approval.  Following your agreement we will complete the final accounts and tax returns.

What exactly does it cover?
The Assure service covers:

Full financial records review

  • Preparation of full working papers
  • Draft and final year-end business accounts
  • Formatting of statutory accounts for Companies House
  • Statutory Audit (if applicable)
  • Partnership or corporate tax return
  • Business tax computations
  • Pre year-end tax planning review
  • Mid-year tax forecasting review


The financial records review includes checks to ensure you do not unknowingly make a false declaration of your business profits or leave yourself open to fines and penalties in the increasingly likely event of a tax investigation.

We will prepare draft accounts for your approval and submit them to HM Revenue and Customs, as well as Companies House, taking advantage of filing exemptions to protect your privacy.

We will also complete business tax returns and computations.  In doing this we will ensure you are fully aware of all possible expense claims to minimise the tax liability on business profits.

We believe in proactive, real-time accounting, so we will undertake a mid-year tax forecast, so you can budget for tax liabilities. In addition, we’ll also carry-out a pre year-end tax planning review to ensure you take advantage of any strategies to reduce or delay tax payments.

Who will benefit?
Any business owners who want to feel safe in the knowledge that their legal responsibilities are fully compliant, tax liabilities are all in budget and all opportunities to save and delay tax payments have been explored.

What are the benefits?
The key benefits of Assure are:

  • Knowing that the basic accounting and filing is completed and critical deadlines are hit.
  • Having regular, proactive tax planning reviews to identify opportunities to cut your tax bill or delay payment.
  • Understanding your tax liability and being able to mange payment with forecasts.
  • Knowing that relevant documentation is in place to support tax planning.


What is your investment?
Our Assure service starts at £125 a month plus VAT. This is the minimum to ensure quality control and minimum service standards. Recommendations will be given to help you get your costs as low as possible.

What results can you expect?
Assure will give you peace of mind that your accounts and tax obligations are being managed and the knowledge that every possible tax strategy has been considered.

Will it work?
Yes! And we guarantee it!

Our guarantee is simple; we will never charge you more than the agreed fee (unless the scope of the work changes and you agree to the addition charge) and we will complete the work within the timeframe agreed with you.