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Snapshot is a management accounting service designed to help business owners make better business critical decisions.

Snapshot is an opportunity for entrepreneurs to have access to timely, meaningful, high-quality financial reporting and get an advantage over their competitors. Essentially, Snapshot is a service which introduces professional financial management to small and medium enterprises.

What does it cover?
Different businesses have different management accounting needs. The main aim of Snapshot is for the business to have a regular financial reporting.

Snapshot delivers financial reports so the business owner can get a deep understanding of the businesses financial drivers. Revenue can be reviewed by projects, channels or steams and compared to costs.

Who will benefit?
Management accounting has many benefits and different business owners will benefit in different ways.

  • Business owners who want to gain and keep the support of their bank
  • Businesses that are looking to maximise profit by leveraging resources
  • Any business which wants to spot problems early
  • Business owners who want to understand their financial drivers
  • Any business owner who wants to monitor their profitability
  • Businesses that would like more financial focus and accountability
  • Identify any cashflow issues, plan for capital investment and ensure you have the right resources in place.


What are the benefits?
There are a number of key benefits Snapshot brings to your business.

As well as introducing good financial discipline and helping support relationships with your bank you will also reduce the cost of year-end accounting fees.

Management accounting allows you to check the impact of business decisions. You can use the latest information to develop plans for the future, keep control over expenditure and identifying problems early.  You will also be able to see if your profit and growth targets are being achieved.

By involving your management team in reviewing the management accounts and communicating the results, business leaders can develop a more effective culture within the business.  And, you will save accountancy fees at the year-end.

What is your investment?
There are two elements, your time and money.

At the beginning it is likely that you will need to invest time working with us to get a deep understanding of your business and how to interpret the numbers.

Ongoing, you will need to commit time to reviewing and discussing the reports. The service fee will be driven by the working arrangements we agree together.

The charge will be higher if we produce monthly management accounts compared to quarterly accounts. The dynamics of the business also impact the fee. Our Snapshot service starts at £200 a month plus VAT.

What results can you expect?
Snapshot will give you:

  • High quality, meaningful information
  • A better understanding of the financial drivers in your business
  • Up to date tax budgets to assist cashflow planning
  • Better information to support critical business decisions
  • The ability to spot problems and opportunities early


Will it work?
Yes! And we guarantee it!

Everyone knows that professional financial management is vital but, in reality, most busy business owners do not have the time, expertise to do it alone.

Our Snapshot service brings high-level accounting skills and an experienced independent view of your business.

You should be expecting at least four times return on your investment.  You should feel better equipped to make profit and in complete control of the business numbers.

Our guarantee is this: if at any time you do not feel the service is worth four times the investment, you are free to cancel and we’ll return the last three months payments without question.