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One-off services

There a range of services:

CashBuilder is cash focused advisory service aimed at helping business owners improve their cashflow. It uses diagnostic software to create a virtual cash model that helps focus resources on key drivers.

Compare is a benchmarking service which lets businesses compare their performance against other businesses in the same sector. The focus of the Compare report is cash and profit. It is a simple but powerful process which looks at a business’s key strengths and weaknesses.

Systems Audit
A Systems Audit is an assessment of your business’ financial department around accounting and taxation matters. This service highlights the actions required to reduce or eliminate these unnecessary hassle and costs.

Going Limited
Going Limited is a tax planning strategy for small businesses.  It is an opportunity to use the structure of a company to pay less tax and avoid paying National Insurance without compromising any benefits.

OnBoard is a service which follows on from our Financial Systems Audit. It is a support programme to help businesses switch to more effective financial technology.

Value is independent assessment of the value of your business using four methods of valuing your business. The value is provided as part of a full report on the business with recommendations and suggestions to enhance the value.