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CashBuilder is cash focused advisory service aimed at helping business owners improve their cashflow.

CashBuilder uses diagnostic software to create a virtual cash model that helps focus resources on key drivers.

What exactly does it cover?
The CashBuilder starts off with financial data from accounts or business plans. The software uses the data to identity the key drivers of cashflow.

The key drivers are then ranked in priority so that the business owner can focus on what matters. This core diagnostic review enables “what-if” scenarios to be run around cash, profitability and break-even points.

CashBuilder introduces the unique concept of Cash Efficiency. This shows the percentage of additional turnover that would remain in the business. This provides insights into the dynamics of the business and brings a new perspective of quality rather than quantity of sales.

Who will benefit?
Any size business that wants to ensure they are maximising their current cashflow and are perusing the most effective strategic direction.

The software have four modules; manufacture, service, retain and hospitality.

What are the benefits?
The key benefits of CashBuilder are:

• Gain a better understanding of the financial dynamics of your business
• Indentify the key drives of cash generation
• Develop strategies to improve cashflow

What is your investment?
Our CashBuilder service starts at £450 plus VAT.
This includes the CashBuilder consultation, a report with the key drivers ranked in order of importance, financial projections and a summary quantifying the value to the business.

What results can you expect?
CashBuilder will give you a deep understanding of the drivers to your business so you can focus your energy on specific areas of the business that will deliver the maximum amount of cash return.

Will it work?
Yes! And we guarantee it!

Our guarantee is simple; if you do not think CashBuilder is 100% value for money and will help you improve cashflow and develop a better business then we will refund you.