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Compare is a benchmarking service which lets businesses compare their performance against other businesses in the same sector.

The focus of the Compare report is cash and profit. It is a simple but powerful process which looks at a business’s key strengths and weaknesses.

What exactly does it cover?
The main aim of Compare is to uncover insights into how a business can improve its results.

Your businesses results are entered into our software and compared with thousands of other businesses. You will get a report which compares your key numbers to your competitors.

The report will pinpoint a business’s strengths and weaknesses and includes full colour reports.

Who will benefit?
Any business can benefit from Compare.

The service is designed specifically for owners that are looking to grow, increase profit or enhance their businesses value.

What are the benefits?
The key benefits of Compare are:

  • Stimulate new ideas
  • Identify problems and eliminates guesswork
  • Builds confidence in new initiatives
  • Calculate realistic financial benefits from investments
  • Allocate resources effectively
  • Encourages better performance


What is your investment?
Our Compare service is a fixed fee of £300 plus VAT. This covers:

  • Preparing the report
  • A one-to-one Compare review
  • Producing the initial action plan


What results can you expect?
Compare will give you:

  • Insights into how to improve your businesses performance
  • An action plan with specific objectives
  • Improved cashflow and higher profit margins


Will it work?
Yes! And we guarantee it!

Everyone knows that effective business planning is vital but, in reality, most busy business owners do not have the time, expertise and management systems to ensure it happens.

Our Compare budgeting service brings accountability and an experienced independent view of your business, ensuring you manage your business effectively and stay in control.

You should be expecting at least four times return on your investment.  You should feel better equipped to make profit and in complete control of the business numbers.

Our guarantee is this: if at any time you do not feel the service is worth four times the investment, you are free to cancel and we’ll return the last three months payments without question.