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Get Set

Get Set is a planning and evaluation service designed for people who are thinking of launching a business.

The focus of the Get Set services is to build a commercial business strategy. It is a simple but powerful process which looks at the business opportunity and helps you identify the best route to market.

What exactly does it cover?
The main aim of Get Set is to develop a commercial strategy that will enable the business to be launched and have the maximum chance of success.

The service considers how to get a foothold in the market, ways to differentiate yourself from the competition, cashflow, break-even, pricing, funding and low and no-cost marketing.

The service usually takes 3-6 months to deliver and can be done over the phone or in personal consulting sessions.

Who will benefit?
Anyone who is thinking of launching a business.

The service is designed specifically for owners that are looking to launch within the next 3-9 months. 

What are the benefits?
The key benefits of Get Set are:

  • Work through the financial model
  • Develop a commercial strategy
  • Create a launch budget and targets
  • Identify problems before they arise
  • Calculate break-even position
  • Allocate resources effectively


What is your investment?
Our Get Set service is a fixed fee starting at £125 plus VAT a month. This covers:

  • Tax and business advice
  • Coaching calls
  • Use of templates
  • Producing the initial action plan


What results can you expect?

Get Set will give you:

  • Insights into how to launch a successful business
  • An action plan with specific objectives
  • Security


Will it work?
Yes! And we guarantee it!

Everyone knows that effective business planning is vital but, in reality, most busy business owners do not have the time, expertise and management systems to ensure it happens.

Our Get Set service brings accountability and an experienced independent and critical review view of your business.

Our guarantee is this: if at any time you do not feel the service is worth the investment, you are free to cancel and we’ll return the last months payments without question.