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Destiny is about confronting the truth about money. Regardless of assets, investments and income most people have no idea what their financial destiny really looks like.

For some our Destiny service can bring joy and comfort. For others the realization of what they feared. But, whatever the result it allows strategies to be developed and actions taken before it is too late.

What exactly does it cover?
The Destiny review starts off assessing your current income, outgoings, assets and liabilities.

We then build a picture of the way you want to live the remainder of your life. Here we include options like selling your business, downsizing your home and helping others.

The two are then compared and the reality

The Lifestyle Expenditure Pattern includes a detailed review of your current expenditure and forecasting this forward over the transitions in your life.

The Business Exit Strategy review considers the option of capital value on a sale and the opportunity to draw passive income by retaining ownership.

Your investment strategy considers the level of funding and expected performance of your investment funds.

The Distribution Plan and Cashflow Model enable you to see if there will be a surplus or deficit. This will allow you to consider strategies to ensure your personal goals are achieved.

Who will benefit?
Any business owner who wants to ensure they have an effective personal and business financial planning strategy.

What are the benefits?
The key benefits of Destiny are:

  • Knowing that your hard work and financial planning will give you what you want.
  • Having a detailed understanding of the risks and threats to you running out of capital.
  • Understanding how much capital wealth you can afford to distribute.
  • The ability to assess the requirement for improved business performance.


What is your investment?
Destiny service starts at £1,500 plus VAT. This is a detailed review of your financial life and usually includes a valuation of your business.

What results can you expect?
Destiny will give you a deep understanding of your personal financial strategy. You may get peace of mind that your long term financial requirements are being provided for. Or, you could get the shock you need to put specific actions into place.

Will it work?
Yes! And we guarantee it!

Our guarantee is simple; if you do not think Destiny is 100% value for money and something everyone should do at least once then we will refund you.