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Small things make a big difference

I’ve always believed two things:

  • Individuals can make a make a big difference by doing small things
  • Businesses and chartities can help each other


Charitable giving can benefit a business by raising the brand’s profile and gives customers another reason to do business with you.

A charity needs money and businesses create this every year.

This has led me to join B1G1, an initiative designed to enable micro charitable giving by businesses.

B1G1 makes your business giving effective and connecting and creates a world full of giving by giving your business the power to change lives.

B1G1 was founded in 2007 by a small group of people who believed that if giving was made simple, easy and truly impactful, every business would want to give back to make a difference.

It took several long years to figure out how to make it possible — how to make it scalable, transparent, truly simple yet effective and so on.

Right now B1G1 works with over 850 businesses supporting more than 600 projects in 30+ countries around the globe.

I want to align my business goals with helping others and make it automatic.

So, I will be giving everytime my business benefits.

You can help me by telling people about Sackmans. If I win a client by your referral I will pay to feed a child for a year at a slum School in India for a year. But, if you just subscribe to my newsletter I will provide clean water for one person for a day in Ethiopia.

If you are interested in your business giving with B1G1 click here and if you contact them please mention Sackman Accountants.