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Social Proof – Part 2

Case Studies are effectively more in-depth testimonials and are an important element of a business’ marketing, especially high price items and important purchases.

Think of a case study as a story and they can be used to:

• Generate leads
• To get PR (publications love real stories of customers)
• Support your pricing
• Convince prospects to buy

It is vital that you have a clear objective for a case study. This means that each one needs to highlight at least one key benefit of your product or service.

It is also important you produce different case studies for different types of customer you have. This will make your testimonials more relevant and powerful to the person reading them.

As an accountant, a case study about how I helped a well established business save lots of tax may be interesting but not necessarily relevant to a start-up. Much better and more effective for a start-up to read about how I helped a new business prepare a business plan and get the bank to support them with an overdraft facility.

The structure of a Case Study is important and here is a suggest format:

• Eye catching headline
• Picture of the customer (preferably professionally shot)
• Outline the situation and problem
• Give details of the implications of the problem
• Explain the solution
• Details the results (including implications)
• Summarise the lessons learned
• Include contact details

The case study can be more compelling if you include comments from the customer and make use of powerful language. Make sure you describing how the customer felt before the solution as well as their feelings afterwards. Use emotive language, similes, metaphors and comparisons to bring your writing to life.

I don’t think you should pay for testimonials or case studies because it sends an unconscious signal to brain that you can buy them rather than work for them; I think you can offer to pay expenses for people that help. You could also offer to make a charitable donation in their name.

At Sackmans Accountants London we use giving via B1G1 to say thanks to clients who help us by providing testimonials and case studies. If you would like to help and give a family in need some help then please give me a call.