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Stay safe online

The Xero Website had a good article about being safe online to protect yourself, your customers and employees.

The three things we can all do are:

  • Have a good password strategy
  • Be aware of phishing emails
  • Keep anti-malware up-to-date
  • Keep your operating system and application software patched and up-to-date


A good password strategy means:

  • Not sharing a password (even with friends)
  • Always using complex passwords
  • Changing passwords at least once a month
  • Use different passwords for different applications
  • A complex password is a long password made up of numbers, letters and special characters ($,#,%,&, etc). The longer your password the better because it is harder to guess.


A phishing email looks like it comes from a trusted source and tries to trick you into providing passwords and other important data. Look out for:

  • Incorrect spelling or grammar
  • Different URLs
  • Requests for personal information
  • The email calls for urgent action.
  • The email says sounds too good to be true
  • The email doesn’t use your name

We hope this helps you stay safe online.