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Stock control for Xero

This month sees a big announcement from Xero with the release of improved Inventory.

Before the improvement you could really only use the Inventory feature in Xero to help you speed up issuing invoices. You could also use the Inventory feature to run reports of your various services and products, but you could not track what stock you hold.

The improvement means that you can now do all your stock control and accounting in Xero. This means you can check stock levels and know when to re-order. If you use Xero’s App for Google Android you can do that from your phone or tablet.

There are two types of inventory items; tracked and untracked. You can use untracked for things you don’t need to count such as services.

In the future there will be more Inventory reports and enhanced management such as archiving items, minimum re-order levels and stocking-taking.

Here is a video overview