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Take time and celebrate small successes

In the construction industry, it’s traditional to have a “topping-out” ceremony to celebrate the progress when the last beam is in placed on a building, In the same way, as a business owner you can celebrate progress on building your business.

But, it pays to this regularly, every week or two because research reveals that celebrating small wins with people encourages them to become more productive. Rather than celebrate the last beam on the roof celebrate each stage, even the number of bricks laid week-by-week.

This makes common sense but 50% of business owners don’t do it. This means that you can obtain an advantage over your competition by implementing a simple recognition system.

Here are five principles you can use to develop a recognition system in your business.

Be open
When you implement any changes, it’s natural for people to be skeptical.

This is why it is important to explain why you are introducing a recognition system and explain how each measurement helps the business, which in turn is good for employees.

Start small
Test out the system with one department or with a small group. Use the feedback and report to the rest of the company.

Build a team
You can’t change a business on your own so appoint a “recognition team” to support the initiative.

Break down projects
Every key project or activity in your business needs to be broken down into mini-milestones. This will allow your employees can easily see and recognize progress.

Be transparent
Make each mini-milestone visible by using a dashboard and displaying them in prominent places in the business so everyone sees the scores. Building a sense of individual accountability and team spirit.

Take time out
Give yourself and your employee the opportunity to pause, reflect and celebrate after small successes.

Host celebrations, and record the evidence – updates on company Websites and press releases can be used to build SEO and your brand.

Implement a recognition system and celebrate small, quick wins along your journey.