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The seven key success factors

The report “Success in challenging times” found that successful businesses:

  • Are likely to use more than one source of finance to both start and sustain their business.
  • Proactively monitor their cash flow and liquidity
  •  Consider direct referrals and Search Engine Optimisation as central to their success
  •  Are willing to find new ways of doing things and encourage their employees to think and behave innovatively
  •  Believe that learning gives them competitive advantage
  •  Are more willing to seek external advice
  •  Have the flexibility to adapt to changing market conditions


At Sackmans we can help with all seven factors. Specifically, we can:

  • Help businesses source business finance and train/coach them how to manage their cashflow and liquidity more effectively.
  • Show you how to develop referral strategies based on what works well in other businesses.
  • Share knowledge of best practice of SEO and introduce you to a Website company that can design/build you a SEO friendly Website.
  • Work with you to implement strategies to get your employees to innovate
  • Provide advice on a wide range of topics from developing a business strategy to pricing
  • Help you find outsourcing partners so you have more flexibility


As Accountants North London, if you are a start-up looking for an we have our Ignition Programme for you. If you are an established business we have On-Track.