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Time Management 6

We cannot manage time but we can manage our behavior; how we spend our time. So, the first thing to do is to understand our current patterns of behavior.

Again, we need to be specific in our business development. In three months I want you to be able to quantify the value of time management. If you manage to get another 15 hours a month into business development this could be worth £50,000 to £100,000.

You only have the same amount of time in a day (24 hours) as we all do. The only way to find out what you really do all day, and how long you spend on it, is to keep a time log.

You need to be honest and include everything you do, however trivial. At work, include phone calls, appointments, interruptions, meetings, dealing with paperwork, projects, writing, planning time, plus all the other activities that make up the working day.

At the end of each week make comments against each log entry and then figure out if it contributed towards one of your key goals. Those important steps make up 20% of your work. Put most effort into them.

So, the first action to implement is to record your time. And, I suggest doing this in six minute units.