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What is a good LinkedIn update?

As traditional marketing becomes less effective I have decided to embrace Inbound Marketing.

Part of Inbound Marketing is Sackmans using Social Media like LinkedIn more actively.

Questions on my mind include:

  • How many updates a day should I post?
  • What makes a good status update?


I have done some research and thought I’d share my thoughts just in case others find it useful.

My take is that a maximum of two updates a day in the accepted LinkedIn etiquette and here is what I will be posting:

Project updates
I work on some interesting issues and these may provide insights to others.

Content links
I am committed to creating useful content for business owners.

Examples are:

  • Blog posts like the Rasing Finance Series
  • Permission Based Marketing training
  • Improving the Numbers Website
  • Links to useful articles on other Websites
  • Announcements of events


I can post that I am working on some new content so people know what is coming.

And, when the content goes live I will do another update and do a link to it.

Good news
I will share my good news via LinkedIn.

This can include:

  • News about sackmans
  • Client successes
  • Sackmans winning a new client
  • Getting referrals and testimonials


Giving updates
I have signed up with B1G1 a company that enables me to give to worthy causes as part of my day-to-day work.

My commitment is that as my business benefits other people do.

For example, anoyone that connects to me on LinkedIn will trigger me to give clean water for a day to a someone in Etheopia.

I do a lot of reading and research and sometimes come across information that business owners may not be aware of.

What I will not post
This is what I will not do:

  • Tell you personal things
  • Continually promote myself


I hope you found this post useful and remember, connect to me on LinkedIn click here.