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Xero security update

The Website hack of Talk Talk made national news so it was interesting to see Xero recommend users change their password.

There is an increase volume of attacks so it makes sense to consider your position. With Xero it seems to be around phishing emails.

The first thing you can do now is to login and check your history and look at the time, location and IP address. If you have any concerns email Xero at

You can do the same with any other Websites/online applications you use.

Xero are working on a twostep authentication where you enter a password generated by an authenticator App on your phone or smart device.

A reminder of key points for passwords:

  • Never share passwords
  • Use complex passwords
  • Change your passwords regularly
  • Don’t use the same password for multiple Websites


Keep an eye out for Phishing emails – if in doubt about clicking a link check with Xero first. And, use reputable anti-malware software.